3D Printer - part 3

Just a quick update: my stepper motors have arrived!

Of course now I realise that there was quite a bit I could've done without the stepper motors :)

I've wired up limit switches for both the X and Z axes:

And I've made bearing blocks for the Z axis, seen here with the motor on the wrong side. I have also made up the brackets and support for the Z axis.

A quick test fit of the various bits to see how it all fits together:

Now I need a 5-to-8mm shaft coupling (although as I've learnt I am capable of making them myself) for the Z axis leadscrew, and a 2 sets of linear bearings for Y axis. I ordered the bearings nearly a month ago, but they must be taking the scenic route to get here as they still haven't arrived. In the meantime there is plenty I can do, e.g. wiring the whole thing up.

Still, exciting progress :-)


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