Chicken Burritos

The tastiest and yummiest and most non-boring thing I can cook.



Remove skin from the chicken, dice into small chunks and chuck in the hot frying pan (with a dash of oil in the bottom). After a few minutes drown them in the Cajun spice and keep the chicken moving round.

Once most traces of salmonella have gone open up your beans, drain some of the sauce if possible and pour in. Mash them up a bit to get a slightly, erm, soupier mixture that looks less like beans and chicken :-)

Once almost done microwave / heat in oven the burritos. Then it's time to make the buggers...

You should now have a nice little burrito "pocket". Make as many of these as you can eat, plus a few extra. Put them all in the oven for a bit to warm up, or microwave again. Finally serve on a plate with a dollup of sour cream.



Monday May 10 2010, 12:19pm phyllis says...
Sounds good, but think I will try this frozen item I found with black beans, corn and peppers instead of refried beans, have to make a little healthier

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